Round End Tables

Round end tables are popular in modern homes and their curved edges offer a friendly and stylish atmosphere to the room that they are placed in. There is a wide selection to choose from and these comes in various shapes and sizes.

Materials used usually range from metal, wood and plastic. In this article we will have a look at some of the more popular designs and outline why they are so desirable to those that invest in them.

Round End Tables

Ikea is a Swedish furniture design company that have become very popular in recent years for their cutting edge designs that are simple and effective. Their round end tables are no different and offer slick designs that will sit well in any modern home.

The VEJMON Coffee table is a low table that is made from birch veneer wood and features a main table and a lower shelf for magazines and other objects. This is a cheap and efficient coffee table that will sit perfectly in the center of a living room or in the corner of a bedroom or spare room.

Round end tables are also available in a slightly smaller format and the VEJMON Side table is designed to sit beside a sofa or bedside area. This table is similar in the design to the coffee table, but is cheaper, lighter and smaller. The table is made from oak veneer which gives it a clean and stylish look.

What round end tables are there that are higher in price and quality?

The Butler Masterpiece console table is a far grander piece of furniture and puts round end tables into a much higher price range. This table is made of cherry veneer solid hardwood and the look of this wood gives off a sense of grand style and elegance.

The whole piece is very sophisticated in its design and the legs are also distinct in their style. One side of this table can also fold down, which allows it to be placed against a wall. The table also only has three legs which are curved and point upwards, making it slightly more delicate than other designs.

The Bombay Heritage Presscot end table is another type of round end table that is much smaller than the Butler masterpiece, but is similar in looks and design. This type of table is designed to be placed beside a seating or resting area and will hold a few items, but little more. This table features four legs and has an overall finish that gives off a warm and stylish ambiance.

Round end tables are desirable either as a central furniture piece or as a side table. Bigger versions are more suited as a center piece to a room such as a living room or a dining room.

Smaller versions are more mobile and have more options in terms of where they can be placed. Those that want to develop their living area into a sophisticated and well furnished living environment should invest in a round end table.